January/February 2016
Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts,
because it is not mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself.
- Havelock Ellis
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Waltz Time is an all-volunteer committee that produces the twice-monthly Sunday afternoon waltz dances and the Annual Strauss Ball at Glen Echo Park's Spanish Ballroom. View Waltz Time's entire 2016 calendar on our web site.
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From all of us at Waltz Time

Waltz Time Q & A
Question: I know Waltz Time committee members are volunteers and it's a non-profit organization. Do the bands volunteer as well?
Answer: Band members are professional musicians. Waltz Time contracts with them to play for the dances and pays them on a sliding scale that guarantees a minimum and increases with greater attendance up to a set maximum.
Question: Why do you charge $10 for admission to the dances?
Answer: The committee must meet expenses and keep a small reserve in case we experience bad weather or other unusual circumstances when we don't meet those expenses.
Question: So what are those expenses?
Answer: Some expenses you might guess: the band, sound technician, ballroom rental, door person (who greets you and collects the admission fee), printing (flyers, etc.), wristbands, equipment (e.g. microphones for instructors) and website and newsletter fees. Some you might not think about: insurance; refreshments, paper supplies and dance cards for the Strauss Ball; the Ballroom Preservation Fee. After expenses, we donate surplus funds to the Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture for maintenance of the ballroom and the dance program at the park.
Photo courtesy of Candace Clifford    
Upcoming Sunday Afternoon Waltzes in 2016
Sunday Afternoon Waltzes begin with an introductory waltz lesson from 2:45 - 3:30 pm, followed by dancing to live music until 6 pm. Cost is $10, including the lesson. Dances are held in the Spanish Ballroom unless otherwise noted. Visit WALTZ TIME'S WEBSITE for the complete 2016 schedule.

January 3: KAREN COLLINS & THE BACKROADS BAND with Karen Collins, Ira Gitlin, Geff King, Pat Puglisi, Lynn Kasdorf

January 17: TAYLOR AMONG THE DEVILS with Marty Taylor (winds, concertina), Steve Hickman (fiddle), Alexander Mitchell (fiddle, mandolin), Jonathan Jensen (piano, vocals)

January 31: TANGERINE TEMPO with Elke Baker (fiddle), Colleen Reed (flute), Liz Donaldson (piano), Alex Lacquement (bass)
February 7: TERPSICHORE with Elke Baker (fiddle), Liz Donaldson (piano), Ralph Gordon (bass)

February 21: NEW CALEDONIA with Laura Light, Loren Oppenheimer, Ralph Gordon, Janet Muse

All events are held at the Spanish Ballroom (or Bumper Car Pavilion where noted), Glen Echo Park, 7300 MacArthur Blvd., Glen Echo, MD and sponsored in cooperation with the Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture, Inc., the National Park Service and Montgomery County, Maryland.