March/April 2011

Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing,
moving at different speeds.
A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.

Clive James

Waltz Time will be very busy in the next two months, and we hope you'll join us in all the waltzing opportunities! Read about upcoming events below.

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Waltz Time is an all-volunteer committee that produces the twice-monthly Sunday afternoon waltz dances and the Annual Strauss Ball at Glen Echo Park's Spanish Ballroom. View the entire year's calendar at our web site.

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Shoes for Waltzing

New dancers often ask what kinds of shoes are best for waltzing. One word prevails: kindness — to your feet and to the dance floor. You should rule out anything that hurts either.

The ideal shoe provides comfort, flexibility and a sole that minimizes friction, enabling you to glide and turn easily. For the sake of the historic Spanish Ballroom floor, dancers should avoid shoes that can scratch or gouge the wood. The choices, in addition to footwear designed primarily for ballroom dancing, include dance sneakers, jazz and character shoes, even bowling shoes. If you have a pair of "street" shoes that are suitable except for the sole, there are many shoe-repair shops that can cover the existing sole with chrome leather or suede. One source is Bethesda Valet, 8010 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda, MD 20814 (301-656-8470). To extend the life of the sole, save your shoes for the dance floors, not the outdoors.

Many stores that specialize in ballet and tap shoes also carry jazz styles that can be worn in the ballroom. In most cases, these stores will order shoes for you if they don't have your size or style in stock.

  • In Bethesda, check out Artistic Dance Fashions, 4915 Cordell Ave., Bethesda, MD 20814 (301-652-2323), and
  • Repeat Performance in Nicholson Plaza, 5050-B Nicholson Lane, Rockville, MD 20852 (301-881-0800).
  • Les Gals, despite the name, carries a few styles for men, too. The store is located at 2337 Distribution Circle, Silver Spring, MD 20910 (301-608-3237).
  • On Capitol Hill, go to Backstage, 545 8th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003 (202-544-5744).


If you feel confident ordering from online catalogs, there are several sources.

  • Discount Dance Supply offers many different brands.
  • Dance 4 Less caters primarily to ballet and modern dancers, but carries an assortment of other styles.
  • Dancestore.com specializes in shoes for swing dancers, but carries some jazz shoes as well.
  • One benefit of Zappos, the mega-source for all things pedal, is that there are no shipping charges for deliveries or returns.


If you need guidance, talk to experienced dancers and ask what they recommend. Just remember — be good to your feet and to the floor.

Waltz Workshops with Lilli Ann Carey, April 16 & 17

Just in time for the April 17 waltz with Destino da Rosa, Lilli Ann Carey conducts four Fusion Latin Waltz workshops on Saturday and Sunday, April 16 and 17. This waltz style uses the body motion and moves of Latin dances set and adapted to waltz time.

  • Saturday April 16, Glen Echo Spanish Ballroom: Registration 12:15, Workshops 12:30 - 3:30 pm
  • Sunday April 17, Glen Echo Ballroom Annex: Registration 12:15, Workshops 12:30 - 3:30 pm

Two workshops per day, each 75 minutes, with 15 minutes after each one for rest or practice; workshops are progressive; different material will be presented each day. Registration at the door; cash or check.

  • One workshop - $15
  • Two workshops - $25
  • Both days - $50, including the Sunday, April 17 dance.

Lilli Ann Carey teaches and promotes dance with classes, workshops and events through her company, Dance For Joy!. She teaches several nights a week in Seattle and can also be found teaching in Portland and San Francisco. This summer will mark her second year teachng at Stanford for the Richard Powers Waltz weekend. Download the FULL DETAILS here.

The 28th Annual Viennese Strauss Ball

An Evening with Strauss

Save this date: Waltz Time will present the 28th Annual Viennese Strauss Ball, Saturday, April 30. This benefit event is always a highlight of the spring season, giving dancers a chance to strut their stuff in elegant attire – while supporting Glen Echo Park.

The classical ensemble will feature OLDE VIENNA with Alexander Mitchell, Elke Baker, Barbara Heitz, Dave Wiesler, and Ralph Gordon. They will play a program of Viennese waltzes of varying tempos, with a sprinkling of other couples dances, including polka, schottische and tango. An introductory Viennese Waltz lesson at 8 pm is followed by dancing until midnight in the Spanish Ballroom. A Grand March, dance cards, Carousel rides ($1.25/person) and refreshments complete a perfect evening. $20/person. Please visit Waltz Time for more details. To VOLUNTEER, please email Joan Koury at jeakoury@verizon.net.

Get Ready for the Strauss Ball: Viennese Waltz Classes

You are welcome to dance any waltz style you prefer at the Strauss Ball on Saturday evening, April 30, but you may want to learn the Viennese waltz for variety and a new dance challenge! The popularity of the Viennese waltz is world-wdie, and it is the dance from which all ballroom dances evolved. Donna Barker and Mike Marcotte are offering a 4-week Viennese Waltz class on Wednesday nights at Glen Echo Park. The 1-hour classes run from April 6 - 27, 7:30 - 8:30 pm. For details visit DANCEDC.NET or register ONLINE.

Art Deco Glen Echo

Saturday, May 14, 6 pm - midnight
Spanish Ballroom, Glen Echo Park

Waltz Time will be honored at this year's Gala in the Park, the Glen Echo Park Partnership's annual celebration and fundraiser! Waltz Time will receive the Organizational Achievement Award for its exceptional history of donations that have helped to support Park programs and to renovate the historic buildings. As a proud sponsor of the 2011 Gala in the Park, we invite you to join us at this year's celebration.

The annual Gala in the Park is a wonderful way for dancers to support the Park's programs and facilities and enjoy a fabulous evening of dining, awards, live music, and dancing to the Boilermaker Jazz Band. For more information or to purchase tickets, please call Debbie Mueller at 301-634-2230 or visit Gala in the Park. We hope to see you there!

Upcoming 2011 Waltz Events

Our benefit Waltz is an annual Saturday night event featuring a classical program of Viennese waltz tunes. Cost is $20, and includes the 50-minute Viennese Waltz & Schottische lesson, refreshments, Grand March, and dance cards. This formal event runs from 8 pm - midnight. The Carousel is open for your enjoyment from 8 pm - 10:30 pm.


A Benefit Dance for Glen Echo Park featuring OLDE VIENNA with Alexander Mitchell, Elke Baker, Barbara Heitz, Dave Wiesler, Ralph Gordon, 8 pm - Midnight in the Spanish Ballroom, $20.

Upcoming Sunday Afternoon Waltzes in 2011

Sunday Afternoon Waltzes begin with an introductory waltz lesson from 2:45 - 3:30 pm, followed by dancing to live music until 6 pm. Cost is $10, including the lesson. Dances are held in the Spanish Ballroom unless otherwise noted.

MARCH 2011

March 6: GOTHAM PIONEERS with Lise Brown, Naomi Morse, Peter Siegel, Owen Marshall

March 20: ELIXIR with Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, Nils Fredland, Anna Patton, Jesse Hazzard-Watkins, Owen Morrison

APRIL 2011

April 3: WALTZING STARS with Alexander Mitchell, Marty Taylor, Liz Donaldson, Ralph Gordon

April 17: DESTINO da ROSA with Susan Brandt, Paul Oorts, Ralph Gordon, Alan Oresky

All events are held at the Spanish Ballroom (or Bumper Car Pavilion where noted), Glen Echo Park, 7300 MacArthur Blvd., Glen Echo, MD and sponsored in cooperation with the Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture, Inc., the National Park Service and Montgomery County, Maryland.