July/August 2011

"To live is to dance, to dance is to live."


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Waltz Time is an all-volunteer committee that produces the twice-monthly Sunday afternoon waltz dances and the Annual Strauss Ball at Glen Echo Park's Spanish Ballroom. View the entire year's calendar at our web site.

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What Would Mr. Jefferson Do?

You may know about the dancing protesters (or protesting dancers?) who were arrested at the Jefferson Memorial last month. You may not know that our erudite third president was fond of dancing and often played his violin for dances at the White House. In a newspaper article triggered by the protest, Washington Post dance critic Sarah Kaufman said, "Dancing, Jefferson wrote, 'is a healthy exercise, elegant and very attractive for young people.'"

In that article, Kaufman claims that Jefferson "netted this nation a dance heritage with the Louisiana Purchase." Why? Because the purchase included New Orleans, an "unrivaled dance capital." The newly minted American city was a multicultural mecca, and each distinct group that settled there had its own formal and social dances. The European land holders who migrated to the port city brought with them their regional and court dances - quadrilles, minuets, jigs, boleros and, most important for us, waltzes. All became part of the city's heritage, in their original forms and in new configurations created by the meeting and mixing of styles. As we commemorate Jefferson's death (as well as our independence) on July 4, let us acknowledge his legacy with a spirited waltz. But maybe not at the Memorial ...

Addendum: On Saturday, July 2, dancers headed to the memorial to protest the ban. No arrests were made this time, but there was still plenty of news.

FREE Summer Concerts

Selected Thursday nights
July 7 - September 1, 7:30 pm
Bumper Car Pavilion, Glen Echo Park

The Glen Echo Park Partnership is pleased to present the second annual FREE Summer Concert Series on selected Thursday nights from July 7- September 1. Enjoy an evening of fabulous live music and carousel rides with your friends and family. Bands include:

  • Nobody's Business
  • Veronneau
  • U.S. Navy Band Cruisers
  • U.S. Army Blues
  • Crimestoppers

All concerts are FREE and start at 7:30 p.m. in the Bumper Car Pavilion. Bring a picnic dinner or visit the cafe and dine while you enjoy fine music! For more information visit Summer Concerts at Glen Echo Park's website.

Volunteer with Waltz Time!

Give us 45 minutes of your time and you can dance for free! Waltz Time is seeking volunteers for each Sunday waltz. There are several slots available, including attaching wristbands and sweeping after the dance. We also need someone to monitor the area by the cafe stairs; with increased traffic in the park during the summer months, visitors often wander in and don't realize they're in a "restricted" area. To volunteer, simply sign up before the waltz on the appointed day. There will be a sign-up sheet at the table. We appreciate your help!

Upcoming Sunday Afternoon Waltzes in 2011

Sunday Afternoon Waltzes begin with an introductory waltz lesson from 2:45 - 3:30 pm, followed by dancing to live music until 6 pm. Cost is $10, including the lesson. Dances are held in the Spanish Ballroom unless otherwise noted. Visit WALTZ TIME'S WEBSITE for the complete 2011 schedule of waltzes.

JULY 2011

July 17: HONEYSUCKLE ROSE with Andrea Hoag, Paul Oorts, Liz Donaldson, Ralph Gordon


August 7: GREEN LIGHT KARMA with David Knight, Andrew Marcus, Dave Wiesler

August 21: TERPSICHORE with Elke Baker, Liz Donaldson, Ralph Gordon

All events are held at the Spanish Ballroom (or Bumper Car Pavilion where noted), Glen Echo Park, 7300 MacArthur Blvd., Glen Echo, MD and sponsored in cooperation with the Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture, Inc., the National Park Service and Montgomery County, Maryland.