YOU’RE INVITED!  This message serves as your official invitation to the Waltz Time dance on Sunday, October 10, in the Glen Echo Spanish Ballroom, and to our upcoming dates in 2021 (Oct. 24, Nov. 7, Nov. 21, and Dec. 5 all in the ballroom, and Dec 19 in the Pavilion). In accordance with Glen Echo Partnership’s policy, tickets may not be sold at the door.  As advance sales are not possible at this time, we request from our invitees a donation of $15 to reimburse Waltz Time for the band, sound, and ballroom rental costs (children 12 and under: free, full-time students: $5). If you know other local waltzers who may want to attend but may not have seen this message, they are welcome on Oct. 10th. Please let us know at or so that we can invite them too. If you or your guests would like to be invited to future dances, to comply with GEPPAC and Montgomery County policies, we must ask that everyone’s email address be on our invitee list. 

Remember that our 2021 events are open to VACCINATED DANCERS ONLY, and MASKS ARE MANDATORY IN THE BALLROOM. Per the information at our web site, please bring your completed vax record card (or a photo thereof) to the dance on Sunday, or email us a picture at We will not keep these; we will just note your name to confirm you are vaxed so you don’t have to repeat this for future waltzes. 

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