Waltz in Bumper Car Pavilion, September 1

Know anyone who wants to give waltz a try without spending a cent? Do you want to dance for free, too? Then head to the Bumper Car Pavilion and leave your wallet at home. Dance to THE LATTER DAY LIZARDS: David G Langford (fiddle, guitar), Bill Tomczak (clarinet, tenor sax, percussion) and Kate Barnes (piano, guitar, flute). There’s a beginner lesson at 2:45; music from 3:30-6:00. ALL are welcome.

1 thought on “Waltz in Bumper Car Pavilion, September 1

  1. tony t

    Thanks GEPPAC for sponsoring this free dance on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend!
    As usual, Waltz Time will accept voluntary donations to increase payment to the band with any excess helping defray costs.


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