Sunday Waltz, 4/3/22

There may be April showers, but you can happily escape them in the Spanish Ballroom, dancing to THREE ROSES: Edith Coakley, Carrie Rose and Melissa Running. Admission of $15 per person ($5 for children and full-time students), payable at the door in cash or by check, includes a beginner waltz lesson at 2:45. Music from 3:30-6:00 p.m. No partner needed. ALL are welcome.

Masks are currently optional, but strongly encouraged while dancing. Dancers must provide proof of vaccination, including a booster. More information at

2 thoughts on “Sunday Waltz, 4/3/22

  1. Alan T. Sherman

    I would like to thank the organizers of Waltz Time for bringing public dancing to Glen Echo.

    Also, I would like to suggest that Waltz Time offer a greater variety of types of dancing, including especially a greater variety of waltz tempos. Most of the music played at Waltz Time has a fast tempo for folk waltzing. Traditional (slow) ballroom waltzing requires a much slower temp (28-30 bars per minute).

    I suggest that the music at Waltz Time be organized in sets of, say five, tunes per set. I suggest that each set have the following variety of dances:
    2 fast folk waltzes (or Viennese Waltz),
    1 slow waltz (28-30 BPM) [BPM = bars per measure],
    1 other standard/smooth ballroom dance (foxtrot, quickstep, tango), and
    1 other Latin/rhythm ballroom dance (e.g., rhumba, cha cha, samba, swing, disco).
    Each ballroom dance tune should be played at the standard tempo for that dance,
    as specified by the major ballroom dance organizations.

    This suggestion will make Waltz Time more attractive to a greater variety of dancers, especially
    among ballroom dancers (as opposed to just folk waltzers).

    For a specification of the official BPM for each ballroom dance, see:

    1. Joan Post author

      Thank you for your comments. Since Waltz Time’s creation by Donna Barker and Ken Haltenhoff decades ago, the aim has been the presentation and preservation of the folk waltz tradition. While we’re delighted that ballroom dancers attend our waltzes and choose to dance in the ballroom style, our primary attendees are those who prefer the folk style. (Note that swing dances feature swing only, tango dances, tango only, etc.) We do ask our bands to play a variety of tempos to accommodate beginners, experts and those in between. The program of three waltzes followed by an “other” dance offers the bands and the dancers an opportunity to expand their repertoires, but the core is and always has been folk waltzing. The established 3/4 pattern maintains this focus.

      In years past, a once-a-month “tea dance” at the Spanish Ballroom offered a variety of ballroom dances (waltz, foxtrot, rumba, samba, swing, etc), but the organizers terminated the dances due to low attendance. Your confidence that this kind of opportunity would draw a following suggests that the time may be right for another effort. Glen Echo Park would certainly support a new organization starting a regular dance event. There are a number of Saturday and Sunday afternoons available each month if you’d like to explore the possibility.

      We appreciate your support of Waltz Time.


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