A reminder to test yourself for covid after attending a social dance where you were in close contact with others, especially if you know that someone in the group has tested positive. We’ve heard recently from two waltz attendees–one tested negative and the other, who tested positive, is in quarantine. If you are even slightly symptomatic or feel unwell, please test yourself. If positive, we ask that you wait until you test negative before coming to the next dance, which is on August 21 with Larry Unger, Alexander Mitchell and Ralph Gordon. Thank you for being considerate of your fellow dancers.

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  1. John

    At last week’s Sunday’s Waltz Time, I don’t recall any open windows, but, fans were operating. I think there was some residual air conditioning flow. Perhaps this change was because, the outside temperature was lower than the recent average. A couple of other dancers remarked about the closed windows, too. Perhaps, ventilation with window should be the norm, and, ask for volunteers to help with the chore, of opening and closing windows?


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