Important update

You knew this had to happen sometime!

Waltz Time has not increased our prices for many years, holding admission at $10 even during the financial crisis and the protracted recovery. But we have to keep up with expenses, even though we’re all volunteers, and we want to continue to donate to Glen Echo Park’s dance programs.

So in order to maintain the high standards Waltz Time demands and that you deserve, we’re raising admission to $13 per person. Students and children remain at $5.

We hope you understand that this was not an easy choice. We trust that an increase now means we won’t have to raise the price again in the near future.

We thank you for your support and look forward to greeting you at the next waltz on January 21.

The Waltz Time Committee

2 thoughts on “Important update

  1. Alex

    Obviously, the raise is needed and deserved. But I would have made it more gradual. 30% is a bit steep. Perhaps $12 now and $14 in July?
    Have you considered an annual subscription at, say, $240? That would encourage attendance and work out to around $12, assuming people miss four of the 24 dances.

  2. Holly Propst

    Not a problem; still the best live entertainment in the dc area. We just wish we lived closer and could come more often!


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