Elixir’s Fathers Day Zoom Concert/Dance

A program of waltzes and other selections– swing, fiddle tunes, and a singing square– for your dancing and listening pleasure. We miss playing together! We miss playing for you! So please join us for this event that is a dance party, a father’s day concert, a quixotic musical undertaking, and a reunion of friends from far and wide.

With Anna Patton at the musical engineering helm, we are preparing recorded tracks for each other so that we can take turns playing live for you from our homes. We’re taking the opportunity to debut new tunes and songs, as well as playing and singing some old favorites. Join us on Zoom to watch, listen, dance along, and find out what we’ve been up to.

About the Band
Elixir combines driving fiddle and guitar playing and the rich texture and rhythmic excitement of a full horn section. They perform tightly crafted music drawing on a wide range of styles– cinematic waltzes, elegant melodies that evolve into raucous dixieland horn riffs; transcendent harmonies, playful improvisations, and traditional and original fiddle tunes.

Elixir is:
• Nils Fredland, vocals / dance calling / trombone
• Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, fiddle
• Jesse Readlynn, trumpet
• Anna Patton, clarinet / vocals
• Owen Morrison, guitar / feet

(Unfortunately it turns out the Nils won’t be available to be in the live zoom with us, but his singing and trombone playing will be there. Also thanks to Riley Goodemote for filling in a few brass parts for us!)

The Zoom will be hosted by Claire Takemori and her excellent team. It will open 15 min early to get everyone on Zoom, learn how to use the features, and say hello.

All donations benefit the musicians
Suggested donation $20+ (like a house concert) but all are welcome refardless of ability to donate.


Venmo -Anna-Patton-6

Checks to:
Anna Patton
21 West St
Brattleboro VT


Have you tried dancing on Zoom?
One of the BEST things is that it allows everyone to interact in their own way. You can arrange (via Chat) to PIN videos with a friend while dancing. You can also dance improv, or enjoy watching the dancing, or just listen and be transformed by the music.

We have 500 person capacity, so invite your friends, musicians, and anyone who would enjoy waltz music or dancing.

For your safety, if you want to dance at home:
Please clear a space, consider wearing shoes if you’re used to dancing in shoes, stay hydrated, go easy if you haven’t been dancing regularly.

We also plan to FB Live stream from Zoom, so if the Zoom is over 500 people, go to:
Look for the RED “LIVE” and click that video image.

Due to Zoom security issues,
We have updated Zoom access.
Please be sure to display your full name when you open Zoom or you may not be let in.

Click here: https://www.proyl.com/9DDLx0b4u
It will go to a link protection website and show you a code to enter.
Type in the 6 digit code, CASE sensitive
It will send you to zoom.

One tap mobile


* Install & test Zoom before the event. Test your mic and speaker.
* Please MUTE yourself unless you are talking during the chat times.
* If you have issues with internet, you can turn OFF your video and that might help.
* Highly recommend using the Zoom app and NOT a web browser for best sound.
*There are more connection issues using a phone than computer.
* Video options (top R of PC screen): Speaker view (puts the musicians center screen) or Gallery view (lets you scroll through pages of participants).
* You can also “PIN” any video and it will stay centered. You can also “CHAT” with a friend and PIN each other’s videos to “dance together”
To PIN a video on a PC, hover over the video and click on the 3 dots in the corner. Select “PIN video”.
You can also go to “Participants list” and find someone by name, then click on them and PIN should be an option.
* iOS and Android devices have different options. It may work on a phone to double tap the video you want to PIN.

We look forward to seeing you! Reply Reply All Forward

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  1. Virginia Bourgeois

    I’m so sorry I missed the zoom concert/dance with Elixir yesterday – was it recorded? Can you please share the link?
    Thank you,


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