Dentzel Carousel vandalized

Message regarding the vandalism, below:

We are sorry to report that over the weekend, someone or ones vandalized the Glen Echo Park Dentzel carousel, a historic structure that is federal property. They did so by breaking into the building and damaging certain parts of the structure, although the horses were not damaged.

As a result of this we are opening a federal police investigation into this crime.  Additionally we are employing security and additional police surveillance.  We have cameras in place already that are providing evidence to the police.  

We are asking for the community’s help in solving this crime and helping to ensure Glen Echo Park does not suffer further damage during this emergency closure.

While the buildings have been closed we have allowed the public to utilize the pavilions and the picnic areas.  As of today unfortunately due to other vandalism and also due to the use after hours by teens congregating in groups, the Park pavilions and playground are no longer allowed to be used by the public.  Also, the Park regulations do not permit skateboarding in the Park, which damages our stages, floors, and exterior parts of structures.  We have closed the playground equipment by order of the Governor and ask that families adhere to this closure.  The public restrooms are now closed and locked.  The buildings will continue to be closed and locked.

At great expense to the Park we will make the necessary repairs to the carousel after assessing the total damage.  This has occurred after the Park completed a major restoration of the exterior and roof.  The carousel horses will ride again, rest assured, and we are looking forward to our 100 year anniversary of its installation in 2021.  We look forward to reopening the carousel this year when restrictions are lifted for community events.

We have a plea to the community to help us find the perpetrators.  We believe they were in the Park overnight and possibly in the early morning hours of Saturday, April 11.  We also ask that you do not allow your younger members of the family to go to Glen Echo Park after hours.  Many people are using the Park responsibly but unfortunately not everyone. We want to be a resource to the community, but at this point the historic buildings are endangered and misuse is occurring.  You may still safely use the exterior areas (non-pavilion) during daylight hours only.  Park Police will be on site enforcing these rules.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide in investigating this case.  If you wish to report anything you see occurring a the Park that is illegal or not permitted at this time under this emergency order or if you have information about this case, please contact National Park Police at 202-610-7500.

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