Covid notice

Waltzers, I just found out that one of our dancers, who was at the waltz last Sunday, tested positive today for covid, albeit with very mild symptoms. Though vax proof and masking are no longer mandatory, we strongly encourage you to be fully vaccinated and boosted and to wear a mask while dancing.

Stay safe. Hope to see you at the next waltz, October 2 with Waltz du Jour.

Joan Koury for Waltz Time

2 thoughts on “Covid notice

  1. Debra Kirsch

    That is six days later. I wouldn’t think that dancer got it from the dance!! I mean, you should not assume.

    Just saying.

    okay, thanks.
    Debra ((I wasn’t there because I was at a mask optional contra/english /bal folk dance in the adorondacks.

    1. Joan Post author

      Attendees may want to test themselves if they have concerns. Message posted solely as a matter of “full disclosure.”


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