Brookmont Valentine’s Waltz, February 11, 2023

Looking for more waltzing? You’ve got it at the 8th annual FREE Brookmont Valentine’s Waltz, February 11, 2023, at Brookmont Church, 4000 Virginia Place, Bethesda, MD. (Note: This is not a Waltz Time event.) Doors open at 7:00; waltz dancing to live music by The Waltzifiers and Waltz Club of Brookmont starts at 7:30. Kids welcome. Refreshments available, including a food truck. NOMZ food truck available for pre-orders: LINK WILL BE  LIVE AT NOMZTRUCK.COM.

Preorder link will remain available until the end of the shift. Walkup customers welcome, but ordering ahead encouraged to avoid wait-time and overcrowding.


1. Go to this site: WWW.NOMZTRUCK.COM


3. BE SURE to CONFIRM your pick-up date and the address as the “pickup location”

4. Click the “clock” icon to choose your preferred pick-up time.

5. Select desired items and click “Add to Order”

6. Click check out. Complete the details section (payment info). Enter your cell number to get alerts when your meal is ready.

7. Review and then DON’T FORGET to hit THE SUBMIT BUTTON

2 thoughts on “Brookmont Valentine’s Waltz, February 11, 2023

  1. Joanne Aaronson

    Joan, can you post the type of waltz – standard Viennese? or what is typically done at Glen Echo? Also, what is the dress code? Thanks.

    1. Joan Post author

      Folk waltzing, i.e. the type of waltz usually done at Waltz Time dances (as noted, this isn’t a WT event). Not sure if there’s a dress “code,” but dress is casual.


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