An Evening with Strauss Fundraiser – April 29

Stan Fowler leads the Grand March

Countdown to the annual waltz ball on Saturday, April 29! Viennese waltz lesson from 8-9, followed by dancing until midnight.

    • Enjoy the traditional Grand March, dance cards and refreshments; fancy attire recommended, $20/person, all tickets sold at the door (no advance ticket sales). Carousel rides until 10:30 pm, $1.25/person.

OLDE VIENNA, our premier Strauss Waltz ensemble, features Alexander Mitchell (violin), Elke Baker (violin, viola), Jonathan Jensen (piano), Barbara Heitz (flute, piccolo), and Ralph Gordon (bass). It promises to be a wonderful night of classical waltzes, polka, tango, and schottische. Viennese Waltz Lesson at 8 pm followed by dancing until midnight in the Spanish Ballroom.

Here’s the program:

1. Waltz, Strauss: Artist’s Life
2. Waltz. O. Straus: Leise, Ganz Leise
3. Polka, Strauss: Tanzi Bari 
4. Waltz, Jensen: Nydia’s Waltz
5. Tango. Weil: Youkali
6. Waltz, Strauss: Tales from the Vienna Woods
7. Grand March


8. Waltz, Tchaikovsky: Waltz of the Flowers
9. Waltz, Jensen: Dark Waters
10. Schottische, Jos. Strauss: Schottischer Tanz
11. Waltz, Strauss: Roses from the South
12. Tango, Padula: Nueve de Julio
13. Waltz, Baker: Wörschweiler Waltzer
14. Polka, Strauss: Éljen a Magyar
15. Waltz, Strauss: Blue Danube


16. Waltz, Waldteufel: Les Patineurs
17. Waltz, Wiesler: Über den Bodensee
18. Schottische, Jensen: Starlight Schottische
19. Waltz, Kálmán: Grüß mir mein Wien
20. Waltz, Strauss: Sweetheart Waltz
21. Tango, Petersburski: Ta Ostatnia Niedziela
22. Waltz, Schostakovich: Second Waltz
23. Waltz, Strauss: Emperor Waltz

See photos from the 2016 Ball.

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